Back to Tulsa Today

It was a beautiful, sunny (with big fluffy clouds off in the distance), warm morning when we left the Eck Farm this morning. We had seen a sign for the Birthplace of Will Rogers on our way to Kansas on Monday. (Last year we went to the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, OK) We found our way to Will’s birthplace in Oologah, OK overlooking Lake Oologah.

Need I say more?

We were the only folks there, Goober got to be on his leash, and joined us in a stroll around the grounds, into the barn where he met a goat, a couple of donkeys and a cat. We then got to go in and tour the house, able to look into each room as it looked when Will was born there. There was a narration by his son Will Rogers, Jr., who sounds a lot like Will!

Isn’t it beautiful?

We stepped back outside and talked briefly with the caretaker there mowing the lawn when from up north in Kansas “the wind came sweeping down the plains” (from the show Oklahoma) we made fast tracks to the car and after looking at the sky, headed rapidly back to Tulsa. I’m sorry we didn’t get a picture of the sky, but we weren’t stopping! No tornadoes, but we weren’t able to outrun the lightening, thunder and torrential rain! It was quite something. (Joanette is not fond of lightening, and it was landing right in front of us with deafening thunder!) FYI Keith graduated from Will Rogers High School in Tulsa!

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