Broken Bow, OK

July 4, 2019. Keith had reconnected with his very best friend, Harley, from 7th grade about a year ago after stalking him on facebook! We finally had the opportunity to meet in person. It had been 38 years since Keith had seen him and his wife Kerry. It is about a 3.5 hour drive from Bixby (South Tulsa) to Broken Bow, down in the VERY southeast corner of Oklahoma. We left Coach at home and took Toad (yes, you have to have nicknames for your vehicles!). Kerry had a little guest house (her “She Shed”) for us so we were very comfortable. Eastern and particularly southeastern Oklahoma is very beautiful, green rolling hills (mountains to Okies) covered with dense pine and oak trees, dead armadillos along the highways, and yes I am afraid, ticks!

It is very hot and humid in southeastern Oklahoma (hence the frizzy hair!). We really enjoyed the southern hospitality, lots of porch sitting, good food and a tour of the area. Back in the early sixties lots of dams were built in OK for water reservoirs, recreating, etc. Out of the damming came Beavers Bend State Park. One of the prettiest state parks Joanette has ever seen!

Kerry and Harley have been married 46 years and have three boys, several grandchildren and three terrific Rat Terriers, all of whom Goober enjoyed! Harley is a recently retired high school band teacher and marching band director. He has won 8 Oklahoma State Marching Band Championships! He is in the Oklahoma State Band Directors Hall of Fame! We enjoyed watching his videos and learning how his career started and learning the working of teaching a bunch a teenagers to play instruments and march (all at the same time!) in the heat. We had only seen marching bands in college football on t.v.! Very impressive.

We are looking forward to seeing Kerry and Harley more often in the future. Hopefully Keith and Harley will be able to make some music together!

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  1. Hi Guys! it looks beautiful there! (I wouldn’t have noticed the hair either joanette!) Don’t forget bug spray


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