Quite hot through Nebraska and the towns were few and far between. We came to Valentine, population about 1,000. But really cute little town. They had a city park along a creek and charge $5.00 a night to camp. No frills, but it was peaceful. We didn’t do much more than a little nature walk due to signs about stinging nettles and poison ivy! Joanette slept with two ice packs since we had no electrical hook for a/c. Very effective!

We left Valentine and drove through southern Nebraska and Kansas, pretty green but flat and boring. It was about 100 degrees and the engine a/c is worth a darn. We were hot and tired when we got to McPherson Kansas so we checked into the Sunflower RV Patch and order pizza from dominoes! Good night sleep with the basement a/c going all night.

On to Tulsa in the morning (Saturday)

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