Montana is a Treasure, but Oklahoma is OK

Tulsa Skyline

Is was only about 4 hours to Tulsa from McPherson, KS. Snapped a photo of the Oklahoma sign as we entered the state and then the Tulsa Skyline. Arrived at Keith’s dad’s house about 2 in the afternoon! Good to see them and get all situated. The motorhome is on good solid level ground, the electrician comes tomorrow to change the 30 amp to 50 so we can have air conditioning!

Went to church with Dad and Janet on Sunday and then to a farmer’s market. Relaxed today, cooked ribs, fresh corn on the cob, new potatoes and green beans! Then did the auto tour around Tulsa this afternoon seeing all the places Keith had lived and elementary schools he had gone to. and then, of course, Will on the Hill, Will Rogers High School! Goober is having a blast, Dad spoils him with food scraps and he loves running in the huge yard.

All caught up, I’ll do better, I hope. Perhaps tomorrow I can tell a few stories about the tough time we had getting hooked up and leaving Hot Springs. (Special thanks to Mr. (Justin) Wright, HSHS Shop Teacher and Maddie Grieco who gave up her shop time to help us out and to Paula for her calming presence and encouragement!)

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  1. Hi Guys! So glad you’re at Keith’s dad’s! sounds like your trip has been much smoother once you got out of the parking lot in Hot Springs 🙂 Hated to see you go, but am so excited for your adventure.


  2. oh gosh, I’m still struggling to figure out how to post a comment. It says something about my skills when John and Jeanne beat me to it !!


  3. Ah Ha!! so earlier I tried to comment that I was glad your trip now seems to be going much better once you cleared the parking lot in Hot Springs! so hard to say goodbye, but excited for your adventure. Love you both


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